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Here, we introduce you to the visionary leader and financial strategist, Joseph Samuels. With a passion for economics and finance from an early age, Joseph’s journey in the financial industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Joseph’s thirst for knowledge led him to pursue higher education in economics at Rutgers University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree. Armed with a solid academic foundation, he embarked on a promising career within the financial sector, working with some of the most prestigious firms.

Over the years, Joseph honed his expertise in managing complex financial instruments, and his keen ability to analyze market trends gradually shaped his unique approach to investing. However, his vision extended beyond personal success; he aspired to create an institution that could unlock the true potential of capital markets and offer innovative investment strategies to clients.

In pursuit of his vision, Joseph founded Islet Capital Management, a pioneering investment firm that specializes in opportunistic and tactical strategies within the equities and equity derivatives markets. Under his exceptional leadership, Islet Capital Management has thrived, establishing a reputation for effectively structuring and trading events, catalyst-oriented long/short situations, and capital markets opportunities.

At the core of Joseph’s leadership philosophy is the belief in creating a collaborative and dynamic environment. At Islet Capital Management, he fosters a culture of innovation and continuous learning, attracting talented professionals with diverse expertise to work together towards optimal investment outcomes.

Joseph’s contributions to the finance industry have garnered widespread recognition among peers and investors alike. As a thought leader, he actively shares his knowledge and insights through various seminars, conferences, and published articles, influencing the financial community and inspiring the next generation of investors.

Professional Credentials

Education & Experience

  • Education:

    • Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Rutgers University, New Jersey.


    • Founder and Executive Managing Director at Islet Capital Management, New York, United States.
    • Co-Head of Equities and Head of Trading at Och-Ziff Capital Management, New York, United States.


  • Strategic Investment Techniques
  • Analyzing Market Trends
  • Managing Complex Financial Instruments
  • Capitalizing on Market Events and Catalysts
  • Long/Short Investment Strategies
  • Creating Collaborative and Dynamic Work Environments

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